The Song



The wind sings in my ear
Words I can’t hear
Words I can’t make out
Because the lines were cut

And it keeps me nodding
While I keep plodding
On a path of love
Leading to my hove

This song extingushes my fear
Clearing worries I have to bear
This song takes away my doubt
My conscious free from fraught

This song processes my mind, encoding
The message in the wind,.brooding
Like a dove
Flying to the safety of a cove


I, I, I!


NaPoWriMo day #14

I fly high
I draw nigh
I imagine what is near
I strain my ears to hear

I try to figure out
I want to know what it’s about
I suppose it’s related to mine
I presume then it’s sweet as wine

I jump to it to taste
I was on time, not to waste
I was disappointed to find
I didn’t get any sweet to mindĀ 

MaGiC of NighT


I am 5 days behind the NaPoWriMo challenge. was a bit caught up in dealing with some stuffs. the prompt for day 13 was to take a walk and write anything that catches ya attention. I did take that walk and here it is.


Gradually day gave in to night
Eliminating bright daylight
Allowing lovers in sight
To fill their hearts with delight

This night seemed so solemn
With shining stars and a bright moon
Which seemed to make all living things calm
Finally lovers found themselves alone

Right down the lonely street
Strolled two love birds, hands interwoven,lovely
And together they looked so sweet
As if by magic of night, they were able to express themselves gladly



NaPoWriMo Day #12


Looking deep down inside
You feel you can’t hide
The joy, the pain, and the pride
Soul-searching, putting all things aside

Walking down memory lane
Bringing back moments of pain
You think the pain should wane
Never to go through it again

Looking past the pain
You feel it’s whole again
Nothing less to loose, nothing more to gain
Till there is no more shame

Walking through the sand-filled shore
You think nothing can make you fall
Till you settle the score
And bring everything to the fore

AT LAST NaPoWriMo #2



By morning I had found peace
Peace, like the rising sun
That makes me sober
Sober, like almost dim moon

And I feel so refined
Refined, like sugar
That makes my present life so sweet
Sweet, as honey

It seems too good to be true
True, that I have finally found happiness
That makes my life worth living
Living, like the living daylight

And I know it has come to stay
Stay, like God’s endless love
That makes me have so much faith
Faith, in life that is worth livingĀ